Le Pont du Gard

A world heritage site

Field of Sunflowers

Local Vineyards

Pic St Loup

Le Vidourle


Sunrise over the Mediterrenean

La Maison Carrée


A Local Market


Time to Relax

A local game of Petanque

The beautiful Gard department.

"From the Mont Aigoual, the highest point in the Cevennes, to the fine sands of the Mediterranean, without forgetting the famous Pont du Gard, the Department offers a wide range of breathtaking sites and a varied and beautiful choice of heritage. Lush green forests, areas of wild garrigue and beautiful coastline have made this area, witness to 2,000 years of history and one of the main birthplaces of Roman civilisation, a stunning mosaic of the warm and dazzling sunlight of the Midi.

An advanced outpost of Provence, a major section of the Via Domitia, and a historic route along the Rhone, the Gard overflows with marvellous, enchanting landscapes which have been formed over the centuries by men and women concerned with the preservation and the continuation of their natural and cultural wealth.

From its rich past as a land of shelter, our region preserves all its assets. For those interested in history, or nature, for lovers of the sea, or the mountains, or for those of a more cultural bent, or fans of fiestas, the Gard is ideal for you."

Lucien Affortit

Departemental du Tourisme du Gard

We could not offer a more concise description of this lovely area than the one quoted above from the Departmental Tourist Office and to list all the activities and attractions available to the visitor would take volumes.

Suffice to say that whether you are looking for leisurely family entertainment which can be found lazing the day away on the long sandy beaches or in one of the numerous fun parks such as La Bouscarrasse or Espace Grand Bleu Water Parks near Uzès and La Grande Motte, or if you are more inclined to delve into the area’s rich cultural background, there is something to be found.

Whatever your inclination you will not be disappointed and here is a list of just some of the activities you can indulge in:

Bird Watching, Boating, Boules, Canoeing, Caving, Cycling, Drawing and painting, Fishing, Golf, Gourmet dining, Hiking, Horse riding, Mountain biking, Sailing, Sightseeing, Swimming, Tennis, Walking, Water sports, Wine tasting.


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